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Self-awareness and discovery of yourself are the core to achieving high performance 

What is the difference between a silver and gold medal in life, business, or athletics? Our team will provide you that understanding for success.  

Your chance to take the test that companies like 

and others offer to their employees

What is Your True Capacity for Success?

Most people never find out what they are really capable of, and so much potential gets wasted because of a lack of understanding. By clicking the link on the page you will begin a journey that will help you understand 

  • You 
  • Others around you
  • The potential you have hidden beneath the surface

By taking this revolutionary test coupled with the coaching time with Dr. Russ Irwin you are investing in what you can become. Upon taking the test (takes approximately 30-45 minutes) we will begin right away to generate a detailed 77 page report for your records. Then we will schedule a one hour personal coaching session that will give you immediate ability to understand what might be holding you back.

Reaching Your Greatest Level of Performance

What if your fears were preventing you from accomplishing everything that you are and have within you?  

Are you really using the natural gifts you were born with?  

Do you know what they are?  

By clicking the link below and signing up for this journey you will be able to answer these questions and more. This test is primarily only available to the top companies in the world for their executives. Now you have access to this topnotch evaluation tool coupled with the coaching of Dr. Russ Irwin that will change your life.  

Some of Dr. Russ Irwin’s clients have included Olympic Athletes and what he helps them understand is that the only real difference between a silver and gold medal is the psychology of their mindset. Change your beliefs, change your behavior, you change your outcome. Let Dr. Russ Irwin help you reach the type of performance in life and business that he has with so many other top performers.

What Others are Saying

"If you could take Tony Robbins and Jordan Peterson and combine them into one man, you would have Dr. Russ Irwin. His Advanced Behavioural Assessment Profile and High Performance Coaching revolutionized my life personally"  


"As a CEO of a large organization I understand the importance and value of High Performance Coaching. It is for that reason our organization brought in Dr. Russ Irwin. Russ’s strategic insight and deep understanding of human behaviour took our company to the next level. It was life changing for our culture, our productivity and our profits. Every Corporation should have Dr Russ work with their team."

SANJIV JAGOTA, CEO Natures Source Health Solution

"Russ Irwin has made a significant contribution to the future success and effectiveness of HighView Financial as his in depth profiling processes and intuitive skills have allowed us to truly harness the unique talents and gifts of each member of our team."

GARY BRENT, CHAIRMAN & CO-FOUNDER Highview Financial Group

"As a Senior Manager for our corporation I had the privilege of going through the Advanced Behavioural Assessment Profile. I have experienced many behavioural and personality tests but nothing like this. I received from Dr. Russ an in depth 77 page report and when he debriefed the results making them applicable to my role I immediately had our entire team go through the process. Every organization needs to experience Dr. Russ's High Performance Coaching."